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  • Final drop-in sessions for Local Plan
    Tue 28 May 2024

    It's the last week to get your submissions in to keep the 'Adisham New Town' out of the plan. Please come to the Village Hall for help (article also contains contact details).

  • Decision delayed by shorthand shortage
    Fri 10 May (updated Mon 13 May 2024)

    Friday's important judgement in the Judicial Review of the "winery" at Highland Court Farm was abandoned because no "shorthand writer" was present to transcribe the judge's handwritten remarks.

  • Local Plan Consultation - How to Respond
    Fri 15 March 2024

    A brief guide to the ways you can respond and things CARE is organising to help.

  • Joint statement on new draft Local Plan
    Fri 1 March 2024

    CARE thanks Canterbury City Council for removing the "Cooting Farm Garden Community" (policy R1) from the latest draft plan.

  • New draft Local Plan expected soon
    Wed 14 February 2024

    Canterbury City Council to publish new documents online on/around Fri 1 March. Special meeting on Mon 11 March for councillors to formally vote to put plan out to consultation.

  • Local Plan latest: new draft due early March
    Mon 25 September (updated Thu 4 January 2024)

    A council working group continues to redraft the plan; there's no exact date yet for when it will be published. It will prioritise public transport. Only once the new (draft) plan is ready will we know if the proposed developments near Adisham, Aylesham and Womenswold are still included.

  • "Winery" warehouses approved by council
    Tue 25 July (updated Thu 3 August 2023)

    Councillors vote to grant planning permission for a 11,900 sqm "winery" at Highland Court Farm.

  • Chapel Down "winery" planning decision due
    Tue 18 July (updated Tue 25 July 2023)

    The application for large warehouse space south west of Highland Court Farm was legally challenged. It will be reconsidered at a planning meeting later on Tuesday.

  • CPA "Examination in Public" webinar - a summary
    Thu 8 June 2023

    Chris Katkowski KC, a barrister with huge experience of local plan "Examinations in Public", spoke and answered questions during a recent Community Planning Alliance event.

  • MPs demand improved public access to nature
    Sat 20 May (updated Sun 21 May 2023)

    Caroline Lucas says the UK is "one of the most nature depleted countries in the world" as MPs ask the government to give the public greater legal rights to enjoy and experience nature.

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