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  • Final drop-in sessions for Local Plan
    Tue 28 May 2024

    It's the last week to get your submissions in to keep the 'Adisham New Town' out of the plan. Please come to the Village Hall for help (article also contains contact details).

  • Highland Court decision is a sad outcome for our countryside
    CPRE Kent, Mon 27 May 2024

    CPRE Kent's response to the outcome of the Judicial Review over Canterbury City Council's handling of planning permission for warehouses at Highland Court within the Kent Downs AONB. The judge found that CCC had breached it's own constitution on determining speakers at planning meetings, but in her view it was not enough to demonstrate material prejudice.

  • Decision delayed by shorthand shortage
    Fri 10 May (updated Mon 13 May 2024)

    Friday's important judgement in the Judicial Review of the "winery" at Highland Court Farm was abandoned because no "shorthand writer" was present to transcribe the judge's handwritten remarks.

  • Local Plan Consultation - How to Respond
    Fri 15 March 2024

    A brief guide to the ways you can respond and things CARE is organising to help.

  • Better bus services at heart of draft Transport Strategy
    Canterbury City Council, Fri 1 March 2024

    The council's press release on the Local Plan transport strategy - mainly about buses (city and rural), also improvements at railway stations and some new slip roads.

  • Canterbury traffic zones scrapped and 2,000 homes set for near University of Kent
    Kent Messenger logo Kentish Gazette, Fri 1 March 2024

    The Gazette's summary of the new local plan, including the removal of the bypasses that would have been funded by the "Cooting Farm Garden Community" and "Aylesham South" developments, both removed. The plan is also five years shorter, which reduces the number of homes legally required.

  • Revised draft Local Plan ditches zones and bypasses proposals
    Canterbury City Council, Fri 1 March 2024

    The council's press release announcing the new, draft Local Plan.

  • Joint statement on new draft Local Plan
    Fri 1 March 2024

    CARE thanks Canterbury City Council for removing the "Cooting Farm Garden Community" (policy R1) from the latest draft plan.

  • New draft Local Plan expected soon
    Wed 14 February 2024

    Canterbury City Council to publish new documents online on/around Fri 1 March. Special meeting on Mon 11 March for councillors to formally vote to put plan out to consultation.

  • Save Highland Court Farm AONB fundraising success
    Tue 30 January 2024

    Over £2,500 has been raised by the large number of local residents opposed to the wine factory Chapel Down are proposing to build within the protected Kent Downs National Landscape. We are campaigning against the council's decision to award planning permission a second time (legal action last year forced CCC to quash their decision on heritage grounds).

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