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About CARE

Photo of large audience in the church during the meeting Credit
CARE and Adisham Parish Council organised a well attended village meeting at Holy Innocents Church. CARE 16 November 2022

CARE – Conserve Adisham’s Rural Environment – is an action group based in the Parish of Adisham near Canterbury, active when there is a major threat to the countryside of our parish or the rural character of the village.

We are campaigning for the removal of the 3,200 house ‘Community Garden Scheme’ (R1) from Canterbury City Council's draft 2045 Local Plan (published Autumn 2022).

Our neighbouring parishes are also strongly opposed to what is effectively a new town; Adisham PC is coordinating the efforts of local parish councils.

We're also supporting our neighbour Womenswold in its opposition of an estate of at least 420-houses, due to be shoe-horned into their parish (R20). This development is directly adjacent to site SAP24, an even larger development in Dover District Council's local plan, meaning 1,060 housing units would be built in the area.

CARE will:

  • Continue to respond in detail to all relevant consultations.
  • Help and encourage individuals to respond in their own words. (Remember: you don't have to live in Adisham or even Canterbury to comment on the plan.)
  • Make a well-argued, rational case to the crucial Examination In Public (EiP) - due sometime in 2024. This is where CCC’s plan will be assessed for ‘soundness’ by an independent inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State.
  • Raise money to employ a specialist consultant/advocate to put our case to the inquiry and to cross examine CCC’s witnesses.
  • Campaign throughout this period to persuade the public of our case and attempt to persuade CCC to drop its Adisham new town proposal (R1 in the plan) and the estate at Womenswold (R20).

CARE is non-party political and met individual with senior representatives of all parties standing in the 2023 local elections.

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