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New draft Local Plan expected soon

Adisham residents will soon learn if the new town on 173ha of farmland between Adisham and Aylesham is still part of the city council's new plan. The revised draft will be formally put out to a 12-week 'Regulation 18' Consultation at a full council meeting on Monday 11 March, but the documents will be available online before then, likely week-ending Friday 1 March.

10 housing units were also proposed (R22) on the land to the south of Station Road opposite the parking spaces - currently hedgerow and mature trees.

The previous draft was published in October 2022, but, after the Conservatives lost the local elections the following May, the new Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition said they would "redraft" the plan.

This process began in the Autumn and meetings have taken place in private, although councillors have openly said there would be no city-centre zoning/congestion charging for Canterbury and they were pursuing a "bus-led" transport strategy.

Both parties were also previously opposed to build a south-east Canterbury bypass, which, if it does go ahead, will impact many villages including Bekesbourne and Bridge.

There are many other schemes across the district in the plan, most of them controversial, including a development to the south of Aylesham, adjacent to Womenswold (Dover District Council's separate plan - at a more advanced stage - includes more houses around Aylesham) and the large wine warehouse on protected AONB land at Highland Court Farm (Canterbury Business Park) - campaigners have successfully raised funds for a judicial review after the council approved it despite the Local Plan itself not yet being adopted, and objections from multiple statutory consultees.

A new "concrete batching plant" was also approved at Highland Court.