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623 AD

Wooden sign with the text Adisham established 623 AD
William Turrell

Adisham established

1,400th anniversary in 2023


College founded in Wingham

Many older buildings date from this time. Being further along the valley from Adisham, Wingham would be affected by issues like traffic, light pollution and sewage/drainage from any development.


Guy Steward

1000 metre borehole drilled for Downs Colliery


Aylesham established

Aylesham was initially build to accommodate workers of nearby coal mines. In recent years the number of houses has hugely increased.

23 July 1968

Photo of bench on North Downs Way
Kent Downs AONB

Kent Downs AONB designated

Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is first established.

11 Oct 2022

Local Plan published

Canterbury City Council publishes the plan, which includes a new town of 3,200 houses between Adisham and Aylesham.

19 Oct 2022

Council approves public consultation

At a Cabinet meeting, CCC votes to proceed to the R18 public consultation on the draft plan.

24 Oct 2022

Public Consultation begins

The three month "R18" process starts.

2 Nov 2022

A view of the River Stour in sunshine with the Westgate Towers in the distance
Timo Newton-Syms

Consultation event with Parish Councils

Adisham was among 19 Parish Councils who attended a meeting at Canterbury Guildhall to raise questions with CCC officers.

16 Nov 2022

Photo of large audience in the church during the meeting

Village public meeting

Over 200 people attend a meeting in the church organised by Adisham Parish Council and CARE, with a talk by the director of CPRE Kent.

15 Dec 2022

People standing looking at display panels.
Sue Nyirenda

"Drop-in" sessions begin

CARE commences a series of sessions at the Village Hall to offer advice on completing the public consultation.

16 Jan 2023

Public consultation ends

CCC's R18 public consultation closes after three months.

13 Feb 2023

Extended consultation deadline

CARE, Adisham Parish Council and other local groups were given longer to respond due to the scale of the R1 and R20 plans.

25 Feb 2023

Councillor Meetings

CARE begins a series of meetings with representatives of the main political parties, ahead of the May local elections.

2 March 2023

Government NPPF consultation ends

The National Planning Policy Framework covers areas including planning, house-building, development, infrastructure and pollution. CARE and WOAW submitted a joint response.

4 May 2023

Local elections

Lib Dems gain Little Stour and Adisham; Conservatives lose 15 seats on Canterbury City Council, including their leader; gains for Labour, Lib Dems and Greens; Labour narrowly take Dover from Conservatives. Labour and the Lib Dems announce a coalition and say they will review the draft Local Plan.

25 Jul 2023

Approval granted (again) for "winery" at Highland Court Farm

The Planning Committee votes 9-4 to approve the warehouses on land within the Kent Downs AONB between Adisham and Bridge.

Feb 2024

Publication of redrafted Local Plan

A cross-party working group is redrafting the Local Plan. Publication will be followed by a repeat of the 12-week "Regulation 18" consultation period.


Examination in Public

Over a number of days, an inspector will hear comments from individuals who have commented on the local plan, and make a decision on whether the plan is "sound" and meets legal requirements. Read more about how the process works

1 Mar 2024

William Turrell

Cooting Farm and Aylesham South dropped from new plan

The reissued draft Local Plan, by the newly elected council administration, also drops the expensive bypass that would have largely been paid for by the 3,200 home new settlement between Adisham and Aylesham. Farmland that would have been lost close to Womenswold is also saved.

11 Mar 2024

Council meeting to start consultation process

All councillors will formally vote on beginning a new 12-week consultation process, known as Regulation 18, expected to last until early June.