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Group of people standing at edge of field.
Ben Fitter-Harding (3rd from right) visits Adisham to meet with CARE committee members. CARE 21 April 2023

Revised CCC plan delayed until November

We are pleased to report, following our latest meeting with Ben Fitter-Harding, that the revised draft of the plan and the "Regulation 19" consultation, will now not be before November 2023. Originally we were expecting it as early as May.

Only at this point will we know if R1 (and R20, R22) are still in the plan, and in what form.

Cllr Fitter-Harding told us the reason for the delay was the high level of public response. It is CARE's hope we can do our own analysis/sampling of at least some of those responses, to see how closely they match whatever the council may choose to say about them, though we may have to wait until November before they are available.

Of course the threat to the village hasn't in any sense gone away, and if R1 is still in the plan, we'll be seeking to have Adisham represented at the "Examination in Public". This delay gives us some extra time to prepare for that, but it is a complicated (and expensive) process, so we'll continue to need help from everyone in the village.

We will keep people updated on all the ways you can help following the Local Election (the results will be counted on Fri 5 May).

Thanks to all the party representatives who found time to talk to us during a busy election campaign.