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Photo of guest speaker and audience
CPRE Kent Director Hilary Newport addresses a public meeting at Holy Innocents Church. CARE 16 November 2022

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Successful first public meeting held


On Wednesday 16 November, despite heavy rain, over 200 people attended a first public meeting at Holy Innocents Church. People came not just from Adisham, but the nearby villages of Wingham, Aylesham and Womenswold also.

CPRE Kent Director Hilary Newport gave a guest talk about combatting development pressures in Kent, stressing the importance of responding to the ongoing Regulation 18 consultation process, recording wildlife species and issues such as light pollution and loss of tranquility.

Local campaigner David Conder gave a brief introduction to CARE, which was relaunched at the meeting, with Kieran Bevan and Phil Nice were named Chair and Vice-Chair. A list was taken of people interested in volunteering to support the campaign, and it was planned to hold drop in sessions for those who needed help responding to the consultation.