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One of the forestry buildings which Canterbury CC has issued an enforcement notice about. Watch Over Adisham's Woods

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CARE supports Canterbury City Council's enforcement action against woodland developments

CARE joined Watch Over Adisham's Woods (WOAW) and Adisham PC in supporting Canterbury City Council (CCC) against the appeals of five Tower Woods developers.

Six developers were issued with enforcement notices by CCC to remove their unlawful buildings, shipping containers, drives & hard-standing etc by the end of June. Five of the developers appealed against this.

CARE, along with a number of Adisham residents, made submissions to the Planning Inspectorate asking them to refuse all five appeals. If anyone doubts the damage caused by the developers, please read the five inspections reports of CCC's Enforcement Officers.

Local MP Rosie Duffield visited the woods personally earlier this month and met with us:

It was a real pleasure to get out in the fresh air today and walk around Adisham’s ancient woodland. I met with representatives from Watch Over Adisham Woods (WOAW). WOAW is a group of local volunteers who watch over and protect all woodlands in the parish of Adisham.

WOAW is working with local partners, planning authorities and national organisations to ensure that their beautiful woodlands are protected and not subject to unlawful development. They do a wonderful job protecting such a valuable resource for current and future generations. For more information visit

We now await the decision of the Planning Inspectorate. For several cases there will be a Public Hearing first, to listen to evidence from all interested parties.