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How to respond to the consultation

Although the first consultation closed in January and it is now too late to take part, if the proposal still is in the revised plan, we will all need to respond again.

How to respond:

  • Go onto the Canterbury City Council website and click on the mention of the local plan. This will take you to the plan.

  • Then read these pages in the plan itself: pages 124-127, 140-145 & 163-171 (directly relevant to Adisham & Womenswold).

  • Then follow the links to the consultation questionnaire. There is more than one way, within the CCC website, to reach the online questionnaire. This includes a big red flash: "Give us your views on the draft local plan"

  • Once you are inside the questionnaire, please go to Chapter 5 - Rural Areas.

  • Then go to the following and respond! You might find it helpful to open a word doc, draft your response there and then paste it into the actual consultation questionnaire:

  • R1 (Adisham new town, referred to as 'Cooting Farm garden community' and 'Policy R1 - Land at Cooting Farm' in the plan);

  • R20 (the huge estate planned for our neighbour Womenswold, called 'Aylesham south' in the plan; - R22 (ribbon-development on the field side of Station Road, the opposite side to the railway, termed 'Land west of Cooting Lane and south of Station Road'.

Do remember to select 'STRONGLY DISAGREE' against each of R1, R20 and R22!

If you are not ready or want to sleep on it, you can save your response for the day and the system will send you an email with a link (from So next day, you can click on the link and it will open at your draft response. Then, when finished, go to the end of 'Chapter 5' and you will see the submit button. When you have pressed that, the message should come up as 'SUCCESS!' At that point, your response cannot be pulled back.

So, if it is your view that the solution to R1 is to rub Adisham New Town out of the plan, just say that. When it asks for evidence, just give the reasons why you do not like R1. Please remember to click the 'strongly disagree' button for each of R1, R20 & R22.

(There may be other areas of the plan you may want to comment on.)